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MLEM: Space Agency

In the year 2075, it is no longer about cute cat videos, but the cats have taken over the world. Apparently that is not enough and they want to conquer all the other planets and moons as well. If you like Celestia then you will also like this game. So if you like a semi-cooperative game with a pretty hairball and space theme, then this is your game!

SH mlemSA 009

Also in this game the goal is to get as many points as possible. You can do this by getting out of the rocket in time on a moon or planet that scores points, before the rocket crashes. Each player has 8 different Cosmo cats, each of which has its own characteristic.
One doubles the moon score, the other doubles the planet score. If you get off, you have to throw 1 less dobby and so there are all different traits to tease each other and to help each other.
The starting player (Cat Commander) controls the rocket and may be the first to remove a Kosmo cat from his board and place it at the top of the rocket, then the 2<sup>th</sup> player, 3<sup>th</sup> player, etc.

Next to each rocket square is a series of dice. The symbol that is also often next to it is called the Afterburner or afterburner.
To be allowed to make steps, the pips must match what is rolled.

For example, if a 2 or a 3 is called for and you throw a 3 twice, you are allowed 6 steps.
So if a 3 is called for and you roll 2, you may add those pips together and that becomes the number of steps you may do with the rocket. These dice then go out of play this round.

SH mlemSA 005

SH mlemSA 004

So you are going to lose more and more dice during the round. If an Afterburner / Nabrander is called for at a rocket square, and you roll it, then it does not have to be taken out of play and may rejoin in your next roll. One die always remains in play.

SH mlemSA 003Do the dice not match the requested next to the rocket square? Then the rocket crashes and all Kosmo cats go back on your board (except the parachute Kosmo cat; it falls on the first planet or moon it encounters). At the bottom you will find the "rocket crash tracker. Each time the rocket crashes, move the marker forward. Tracker full, game over.
If the cat commander gets off the rocket, he/she is also not allowed to throw this round and the next player who is still aboard the rocket throws.
That's in a nutshell what the rules are and how the game is played.
The game costs around 35 euros, but you get something for that. The main board is not cardboard, but it is a nice neoprene play mat with full-color printing. Should it be a bit too simple for you, there are some more challenging missions in the box. This is especially for the more experienced players.

SH mlemSA 007Conclusion:
MLEM: Space Agency is a fun family game or for a cozy group of friends who want to play something light-hearted. It is also a fun game to play in between when you have some time left. With 5 players it will take you about 45 minutes if you play a bit. The artwork looks nice and neat, it is cute and has a high cuteness level ... Hair ball!
I give the game a 7.

  • Rating:
  • Author: Reiner Knizia
  • Artwork: Joanna Rzepecka
  • Published in: 2023
  • Publisher: Rebel Studio
  • Game Category: Party- and/or Company Games
  • Weight: 1.50 / 5
  • Number of players: 2-5 spelers
  • Best with: 5 spelers
  • Game time: 30-60 minuten
  • Age [EN]: 8+
  • Board Game Geek:
  • Video#1:
  • Photos: Borrowed from BGG, Sander Hoogwerf
  • Disclaimer: The number of stars in a rating is related to the game category.i.e.: A family game with 8 stars will not always be a better game than an expert game with 7 stars.This said: each review is an opinion of just one person.

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